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NXP JCOP21 V2.2 36K


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JCOP V2.2 Portfolio
  • Overview about JCOP21 V2.2 platform features and version map see Section 4 “Ordering information”
JCOP V2.2 Product Family Features
  • General features for all JCOP V2.2 products
    • JavaCard 2.2.1
    • GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.1.1
    • Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Dual/Triple key DES3 via co-processor
    • Contact interface with T = 0 and T = 1 protocols according to ISO/IEC 7816-3
JCOP V2.2 Product Specific Features on P510x018 and P510x036
    • VISA GlobalPlatform 2.1.1 Card with Configuration 3 (only for VISA approved customers) inclusive Errata 2.0;Ref.8
    • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) via co-processor (available only on P521x072)
    • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) via co-processor for RSA and ECC
    • Other cryptographic support as SHA-1, MD5 and CRC support
    • Additional JCOP V2.2 APIs: Biometry, SEED and Mifare API
    • EMV 4.1 Integrated Circuit Card Specification for Payment Systems compliant
    • P521x072
      • up to 69 kB EEPROM free for applets
      • up to 70 kB ROM free for applets
    • P521x036
      • up to 33 kB EEPROM free for applets
      • up to 38 kB ROM free for applets
    • P521x018
      • up to 15 kB EEPROM free for applets
      • up to 38 kB ROM free for applets

The JCOP V2.2 on the P521x072, 521×036 and P521x018 is an open operating system based  on a Secure PKI Smart Card Controller of the SmartMX platform. Operating in contact mode (ISO/IEC 7816) the user defines the final function of the application running on JCOP21 V2.2